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Wondering how the fashion pack alway rock fancy designer bags? It’s not because they have a lucrative side hustle as Tinder Swindlers… Instead, savvy stylists, fashion editors and influencers are shopping from the best second hand designer bag stores, usually online. And now – tah-dah – we’re revealing the best places to score your very own second hand designer bag.

The pull of a designer handbag is legendary and if you fancy treating yourself there’s nothing better than a new-to-you bag. Resale sites are one of the fashion industry’s fastest growing categories and a second-hand bag is a brilliant way to save money. As we all try to shop more consciously, it’s also a clever method for shopping sustainably – there is nothing more sustainable than something that already exists.

Vintage bags are also proving to be smarter investments than stocks and shares. Bags are the accessory that appreciate fastest with preloved handbags rising in value by an average of 8% per year over the last decade. Some bags value now even outperform the price of gold! Ker-ching.

Despite those figures, preloved is still the easiest way you can get involved with designer brands at a bargain price. Although the most notable bags play on each brand’s style signatures, which can make them easy to fake. Most sites are super-hot on their authentication processes but if you’re buying elsewhere, check the hardware, leather, stitching, authenticity cards and serial numbers (make sure they match) then ask the seller to provide more pictures, receipts and more detailed history to ensure you’re making an authentic purchase.